Submissions – Write for Hustlers in Paradise

Like going to the gym, writing a blog is easier in theory than in practice. Since it’s LA, I do both, but I want to publish more and cloning isn’t yet an option. For my own posts I may indulge in talking about God-knows-what, which only proves my blogging has about the same amount of discipline as my gym visits. For submissions, I am only interested in publishing your non-fiction stories about the foibles and idiosyncrasies of life in LA.

Direction on Tone

I abhor total cynicism, but on the other hand I only have reverence for the idea of California and, perhaps, the idea of the Kennedy family. Even these subjects though are deeply flawed in actual life. Consider adopting a tone that is informative and falls between cynicism and reverence for our dear City of Angels.

 Rights and Payment

You will retain the rights in work published here. Payment? Maybe, it depends how profligate my spending has been in other areas of my life at that time, but I generally believe people deserve to be paid for good product. Please email with your submission in the body of the email, your full contact information and a wickedly good suggested title.